Lights! Places! The curtain rises on the newest 2.5D show of a lifetime: Once Upon a Puppet! This wonderfully atmospheric puzzle-platformer will take the player on a sprawling journey through to Backstage of the magical World of Puppets.
Drev is a marionette with ambitions of becoming a great actor. Together with his puppeteering partner Manny, they set out for a day of fun and excitement at the local entertainment Festival. Unable to find a way in through the crowds, they take one wrong turn, putting them on a journey of discovery that will change everything forever.
Navigating through the numerous show-themed areas of the Backstage, Drev and Manny make new friends and face new challenges. Through cooperation, our heroes accomplish more than either could hope to on their own. Their tale becomes one of the high-wire stunts, battles with fantastic beasts, and show-stopping musical numbers. They solve mysteries, help fellow puppets in need, and set things right in crazy shows run amok, all while hurrying to get back to the Festival before it’s too late.
Will they make it in time for the encore? The stage is set. The orchestra is tuned. Step into the weird and wild costumes of the soon-to-be greatest actor ever and help bring this story to life.
Break a leg!